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Can’t Sing Won’t Sing

‘If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing’ African proverb

Yes you can sing– if you have a voice your can certainly sing. The quality of a voice varies greatly, as does the tone. Being a ‘good singer’ is merely a case of practicing – the more you sing and listen to the others in the same room singing – the easier it gets and the better it gets!

Sing Your Rocks Off! Is all about singing together, just for the sake of it. Because it feels great to raise our voices in song together.

No experience required

If you’ve never sung outside of the shower before, then that’s good enough for us. There will be none of this standing alone, in front of a room full of choristers and being asked to sing your finest audition!

Just turn up – it’s all about joining in, and you can be sure that every other person in the room feels, or has felt, the same as you.

Going for a Song

We like to sing the songs that are relevant to us and that we enjoy. It could be a sea shanty, a rugby favourite (Swing Low sweet… etc), a rousing hunting song, or a raucous arrangement of our own about the perils of walking home from the local pub.

Why not come along and see for yourself – we run free taster sessions so you can get a feel for it – just let us know you’re potentially interested via the form below and we will get in touch. Or download the ‘would you like to know why men don’t join choirs’ free guide.

Sing Your Rocks Off is a trading style of Ged Faricy